LRAD ONE VOICE® Expanded Control Unit

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LRAD ONE VOICE® Expanded Control Unit

LRAD’s largest mass notification Control unit powers and controls LRAD 360X One Emitter, Two Emitter and Four Emitter arrays. The Expanded Control unit features up to four high efficiency class “D” digital amplifiers that deliver crystal clear voice messages up to 5.3 sq. km.

The Expanded Control unit includes a full-featured on-board microprocessor with a 10/100 Mbps TCP/ IP network connection. ONE VOICE Command & Control software connects to the Control unit over a TCP/ IP network connection and can be used to activate recorded messages, sirens and tones, as well as stream live voice to one, several or all selected LRAD arrays.

The on-board microprocessor monitors and provides comprehensive health status to the Command & Control software over a network connection. Health information includes: cabinet temperatures, power supply voltages, battery charge levels, amplifier volume levels and temperatures, speaker silent/self test status, intrusion monitoring, and more.

Recorded audio messages are stored in each Control unit and can be easily uploaded over a TCP/ IP network. Standard message storage is 32GB and can be expanded to 128GB. Control units include a built-in record/playback MP3 player and handheld microphone. Control units also include AC powered battery charger and two Absorbed Glass Mat zero maintenance deep-cycle batteries that meet or exceed UFC standards for operation upon power loss. The Control units are expandable and can accept various communication alternatives to TCP/ IP, including: two-way DTMF ac t i vation using UHF or VHF radios, 4GLTE , GPRS/GSM, L-Band Satellite, Radio Modem and many others.

Fully weatherized for permanent outdoor installation, LRAD ONE VOICE Expanded Control Units mount easily on walls or poles and are simple to service and maintain.


  • Integrated, expandable indoor/outdoor control unit;
  • Powers & controls 1, 2 or 4-emitter LRAD 360X mass notification arrays;
  • Microprocessor with TCP/IP Ethernet interface for full featured control and remote system health monitoring with LRAD ONE VOICE Command & Control Software;
  • Stream real time voice to individual or grouped arrays remotely;
  • Upload voice messages and sirens over TCP/IP network or with the Control unit’s included MP3 player with a simple plug and play USB interface;
  • 32GB standard message storage with up to 128GB of expanded capacity;
  • Standard TCP/IP connection enables flexible installation options, including: Wi-Fi, fiber, GPRS/GSM, L-Band Satellite and many others;
  • Onsite manual controls for activation of recorded messages or live voice broadcasts with included microphone;
  • Houses 1, 2 or 4 high efficiency modular class ‘D’ amplifiers with easy to replace, quick connect design;
  • Standard configuration includes 105 Ah zero maintenance, sealed AGM battery bank with universal AC powered battery charger;
  • Fully weatherized for permanent outdoor installation;
  • Wall or pole mounted;
  • Simple to service and maintain;
  • Customized options and services available, including power options, software optimization, custom integration with 3rd party systems and interface designs.


LRAD’s omnidirectional ONE VOICE® systems combine warning sirens and highly intelligible voice broadcasts to provide advanced mass notification and public address solutions. Antiquated warning systems sound sirens to alert of approaching danger, but most are incapable of clear voice broadcasts containing critical information about the severity of the situation and recommended actions to protect and save lives. LRAD mass notification systems are also used to communicate to crowds during large, outdoor events and to affected populations throughout emergency situations. LRAD systems are self-contained or easily integrated with existing communications infrastructure.