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LRAD Portable Power Pack

LRAD’s Portable Power Pack is the solution when vehicle power is not readily available especially during natural calamities.

The Power Pack integrates leak-proof Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries and a marine grade, electronically controlled battery charger. The LRAD Power Pack is compact, portable and can be operated with the case lid closed to protect the internal electronics from all weather conditions. The rugged external power output panel protects the power connector and controls from knocks and bumps, and features an integrated battery level display to ensure the Power Pack is ready for use. The Power Pack’s 21 Amp-Hour battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous full power voice broadcasts for the LRAD 300X and up to 5 hours for the LRAD 500X.


  • Integrated electronically controlled battery charger provides a fast 3 stage charging process for the internal batteries;
  • Fast Charge delivers maximum amperage for the fastest charge;
  • Absorption Charge reduces sulfate buildup and conditions batteries;
  • Float Mode finishing voltage maintains the batteries for short or long term storage and will not overcharge the batteries;
  • Battery level meter;
  • Maintenance free AGM batteries;
  • Long battery service life of between 200 and 1000 charge/discharge cycles;
  • Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve;
  • Rugged watertight, crush and dust proof case;
  • Oil, water and UV resistant power cord jacket.


LRAD’s omnidirectional ONE VOICE® systems combine warning sirens and highly intelligible voice broadcasts to provide advanced mass notification and public address solutions. Antiquated warning systems sound sirens to alert of approaching danger, but most are incapable of clear voice broadcasts containing critical information about the severity of the situation and recommended actions to protect and save lives. LRAD mass notification systems are also used to communicate to crowds during large, outdoor events and to affected populations throughout emergency situations. LRAD systems are self-contained or easily integrated with existing communications infrastructure.