LRAD SS400 Sound Saber

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LRAD SS400 Sound Saber

The LRAD SoundSaber 400’s (SS400) unique acoustic dispersion pattern alleviates reflection and echoing to provide uniform acoustic coverage throughout broadcast areas. LRAD’s advanced line array speaker technology ensures general announcements and emergency notifications are clearly heard and understood in high ambient noise environments.

The LRAD SS400 features LRAD’s unmatched vocal clarity and intelligibility provides uniform communication coverage in indoor or outdoor environments, focusing general announcements and emergency notifications exactly where needed. LRAD SS400 loudspeakers are housed in robust, all-weather enclosures designed for permanent indoor and outdoor installation.


  • Robust, all weather enclosure for permanent outdoor installation;
  • Galvanized steel mount with elevation adjustment;
  • P.A. and emergency notification in one system;
  • Unparalleled vocal clarity and intelligibility;
  • Safely alerts, communicates and calms the public during emergency situations;
  • Easily modulated audio output.


LRAD’s omnidirectional ONE VOICE® systems combine warning sirens and highly intelligible voice broadcasts to provide advanced mass notification and public address solutions. Antiquated warning systems sound sirens to alert of approaching danger, but most are incapable of clear voice broadcasts containing critical information about the severity of the situation and recommended actions to protect and save lives. LRAD mass notification systems are also used to communicate to crowds during large, outdoor events and to affected populations throughout emergency situations. LRAD systems are self-contained or easily integrated with existing communications infrastructure.