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LRAD Wireless Kit

The LRAD 360X delivers LRAD’s renowned, highly intelligible voice and warning siren broadcasts with uniform 360° coverage over distances up to 5.3 sq. kilometers.

LRAD 360X emitters can be stacked four high to produce audio output up to 143 dB and can be mounted on buildings and/or standalone poles. The LRAD 360X also has an integrated, fully self-contained, ruggedized trailer option for mobile deployments. Each 360X 2RU amplifier module drives two emitters.

The 360X is built to withstand wind speeds of up to 200 mph, is field upgradeable for added area coverage, and features flexible power options including battery, generator and solar. An optional TCP/IP network control interface is available for remote activation and control of multiple 360X systems from a single location.


  • Transmit to up to 16 systems simultaneously;
  • Wireless operation up to 200 meters;
  • Push to talk (PTT) button to engage the microphone. A latching lever locks the PTT in the ON position for hands-free use;
  • Built-in alert tone button;
  • UHF synthesized frequencies for both the transmitter & receiver provide 188 user selectable frequencies Dual antenna finds the strongest signal for low noise performance;
  • Selectable RF output allows selection between 5mW output power and 30mW output. 5mW is suitable for indoor, simultaneous, multi-channel operation; 30mW is intended for outdoor, long-range use;
  • Transmitter & receiver feature a comprehensive LED display providing channel and frequency information, battery life, total usage time and more;
  • 3.5mm microphone and line level inputs enable wireless transmission of microphone or line level signals from hand-held MP3 player;
  • Operates up to 8 hours on 2 AA alkaline batteries;
  • Markets served: Law Enforcement, Defense, Commercial Security, CBRN Incident Management, Emergency Warning.


LRAD’s omnidirectional ONE VOICE® systems combine warning sirens and highly intelligible voice broadcasts to provide advanced mass notification and public address solutions. Antiquated warning systems sound sirens to alert of approaching danger, but most are incapable of clear voice broadcasts containing critical information about the severity of the situation and recommended actions to protect and save lives. LRAD mass notification systems are also used to communicate to crowds during large, outdoor events and to affected populations throughout emergency situations. LRAD systems are self-contained or easily integrated with existing communications infrastructure.