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Axio was founded in 2008 by Leo Mavely, a bio-engineer to develop novel bio-polymer platform based products for wound care. Axio has the distinction to be the first company from India to design, develop and commercialize an Emergency Haemostat for Trauma care.

Vision of Axio is to develop affordable, high impact medical products that can solve unmet healthcare needs of emerging markets. Controlling life-threatening bleeding continues to be the major cause of death from traumatic injuries.

Axiostat® is its flagship product developed to reduce the mortality due to traumatic bleeding. Axio is a ISO 13485 certified company with an experienced team focused on bringing high-impact medical products to market.

Axiostat® uses a.c.t (axio clotting technology) to control severe haemorrhage within minutes. a.c.t is based on a bio-polymer platform that utilises cationic properties for medical applications. Axiostat® is a 100% chitosan dressing made from pure grade chitosan extracted from shellfish. Chitosan is a linear polysaccharide consisting of glucosamine and N-acetyl glucosamine chains and is derived mainly from shellfish. It has been used in many technical applications such as medical products, water purification, in cosmetics and as a fat-binding weight control product. Cationic nature of chitosan gives this polymer a muco-adhesive property which can be further activated for wound care applications. Chitosan salts are used as a matrix or scaffold material as well as in non-parenteral delivery systems for challenging drugs

Chitosan has been in use for medical application like Chitosan gauze/bandage/sponge, since beginning of 21st century. However major challenges associated with chitosan based products are lack of consistency and presence of impurities. Axio uses a proprietary technology to filter, purify chitosan and result is end products without any variation in performance or safety features. Particularly Axio technology uses low poly-dispersity, high molecular weight raw material with a very pure, 100% chitosan, quick-acting Haemostat.

Axio products are constantly bench-marked with global harmonized standards and starting material, chitosan complies with the ASTM standard.and are made in ISO 13485 approved facilities.

The main characteristics of Chitosan are: it is bio-compatible and bio-adhesive, it is 100% natural, contains 0% protein, has no exothermic reaction and it is easily broken due to glucosamine.

Axio envisages a future where contemporary knowledge of bio-materials, medicine and engineering will be integrated in designing novel solutions to address the huge unmet need in management of trauma and chronic-infectious wounds.

We are a deep science medtech company with extensive R&D expertise in biomaterials. Our platform-based approach enables us to develop medical products that are engineered to enhance its efficacy even at higher scale. With such a vision, we introduced our first line of haemostatic products that are probably one of the best available trauma heamostats in the market today.

Axio’s research philosophy is to translate the bio-materials research into real-world products and bring them to patients’ bedside at an affordable cost. Here innovation is a daily practice as we explore uncharted territories in novel materials and technologies. The research & development team at Axio is developing novel solutions that are smarter, friendlier and quicker than the conventional products.

Axio products are manufactured in ISO 13845 certified facility owned and operated by Axio.

    • State of the art manufacturing facility is located in Pharma tech park at City of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
    • Custom built imported machinery with 75-80% automated processing. Minimal human intervention reducing handling errors.
    • 5000sq.ft cleanroom area built according to cGMP, FDA guidelines under Class 10000 manufacturing area.
    • Gamma sterilization done terminally.
  • Full traceability from finished product to raw material source.
  • All 3rd party vendors audited and qualified by EU notifying body.

Axio benchmarks to global standards and follow appropriate regulatory guidelines in respective countries of operation. We follow a process that is based on a strong foundation of manufacturing quality standards, mutually beneficial relations with our customers, dealers and all professionals associated with us.

AXIOBIO products are now available in Romania and Republic of Moldova through Horus Vision as unique representative.

The mission is to SAVE, IMPROVE AND TOUCH LIVES of civilian, military victims from uncontrolled haemorrhage by providing efficient solutions to stop bleeding through the use of innovative medical technology.


Axiostat® uses a.c.t (axio clotting technology) to control severe hemorrhage within minutes. a.c.t is based on a bio-polymer platform that utilities cationic properties for medical applications.

The key differentiation of Axio clotting technology (a.c.t) vs direct competitors:

A. Product Innovation

Axio’s current product has strong proprietary technology that enhances the haemostatic properties of its biopolymer – 100% chitosan:

    • Enhances absorption leading to concentration of erythrocytes and platelets leading to Platelet adhesion, aggregation and coagulation resulting in enhanced clotting.

B. Process & manufacturing  innovation

Axio has process and manufacturing innovation that substantially enhances the product and delivers. Right concentration of the Active Ingredient in the right form factor for trauma wounds.
Strong Process that is based on bio-engineered chitosan ensures that:

  • 100% chitosan dressing with Low polydispersity index provides good hemostatic and bacteriostatic properties.
  • the chitosan dressing which is active on all sides, provides higher surface area per unit mass for quicker blood absorption and hemostasis effect.
  • manufacture through natural cross-linking throughout the process without the use of any chemical cross-linking agents.
  • a pH controlled end product, which helps in easy removal of the product from the wound using water or saline.

C. Advantages over Competition

  • Better water and blood absorbency & adhesion.
  • Quicker hemostasis than zeolite/kaolin-based silver impregnated dressings due to inherent cationic charge of re-engineered chitosan
  • Quicker hemostasis than chitosan impregnated gauze (celox) due to higher porosity, blood absorbency and adhesion.
  • 100% natural chitosan obtained from purer sources compared to other chitosan from exoskeletons that competition use.
  • Easy, Quick removal without causing further trauma to the wound and doesn’t leave any residue behind.

Advanced Technology

The 100% Chitosan haemostatic dressing Axiostat® is ready to use and can be cut to suit different wound sizes. They can be delivered through a pool of blood and is simple to apply and remove by a non-medical first responder.

Battlefield proven

Axiostat® Military variant MIL88 is designed to be used in battlefield conditions and comes in camouflaged, rugged metal pouch packing for easy carrying.

Axiostat® is currently used by Defense Forces, Paramilitary Forces & Army across Europe, Middle East and India.

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