Axiostat Advanced Stop-Bleeding Kit

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Axiostat Advanced Stop-Bleeding Kit

Axiostat® is ready to use and can be cut to suit different wound sizes. They can be delivered through a pool of blood and is simple to apply and remove by a non-medical first responder.

Axiostat® ASK+ is a advanced stop-bleeding kit that contains everything needed for stopping a trauma haemoragy either at home, on the road, during and adventure or sport accident.

The use of Axiostat is intuitive which is critical in emergency situation and the removal is even easier by irrigating with saline solution of water and gently peeling it off.

Axiostat is FDA approved, has CE 2460, GMP certified and is manufactured respecting the 13485:2016 ISO.


  • Composition: Chitosan – 100%;
  • Intended use: Stops moderate to severe bleeding;
  • Mechanism: Charge-based muco-adhesion and blood-cell aggregation;
  • Material: Natural, Bio-compatible, Positively- charged polymer;
  • Type: Highly absorbent sponge (absorbs minimum 30x its weight);
  • Flexibility: Pliable, conformable to any wound shape, active on all sides;
  • Sterility: Sterilized using Gama irradiation;
  • Shelf Life: 3 Years;
  • Use: Single-use;
  • Removal: Irrigate with saline;
  • Side Effects: No side effects;
  • Implant: Not implantable.

Components of the ASK+

  • 2 pairs of sterile surgical gloves;
  • 3 Axiostat L88, 8×8 cm;
  • Four sterile wad pads 7*5 cm;
  • Medical adhesive tape (leucoplast);
  • Product manual.


Axiostat® Dental variant, specially designed to control severe bleeding during dental procedures often difficult to reach, dental bleeding can quickly become uncontrolled and unmanageable.

Our smallest offering designed to optimally fit into the bleeding cavity.