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Upper Body Protection

MK Technology has invented the “Human Exoskeleton Concept” to provide body protection systems whose optimized design ensures a significant improvement in wearer comfort and protectability. The arm protector respects the strictest fire and chemical protection requirements, protects the arm against punctures, stabs and crushes. The arm protector can have as an addition anti-ballistic inlets.

Designed to protect the elbow and forearm from attacks by criminals during interventions, the body-formed protectors are made from 2 mm hardened special aluminium allow. The braced elbow area by rivet connections (rivet bolts and 90° limit) between upper and forearm protector so the special forces team are protected against limb injuries.

For more information’s people download the technical data or contact us.


  • Certified to “TR Body Protective Equipment Nov. 2009”;
  • Meets requirements of “fire protection”;
  • Modular design;
  • Meets requirements “Chemical protection”
  • VPAM KDIW 2004: K2, D2, W3 or VPAM KDIW 2004: W3;
  • Ballistic protection can be added as an optional.


We work with you to create an individual requirement profile. A detailed analysis of the user and his tasks, such as:
– threat scenarios, hazard potential;
– used, planned equipment;
– mission objective, strategy, capabilities;
– operational area;
– climatic conditions;
– time of day;
– duration of deployment.

Based on our core competencies, a modular design and personalized solutions, we develop, test, produce and certify your equipment.