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The MK Technology product platforms have been developed to protect users of federal police, police, prison, customs, law enforcement, army and field fighters in action against the risks of injury from impact and / or puncture

As a renowned manufacturer of body protection solutions, MK Technology has been working for over 20 years for a very large customer base of professional users. MK Technology goal is to provide maximum safety to the wearer of their products so that they can perform their task safely and reliably.

All products are designed, adapted and crafted perfectly from the ground up. This allows MK Technology to offer maximum quality in all production steps. The result is a complaint rate of less than 0.1%.

Together, MK Technology and Horus Vision see your challenge as our mission and provide a solution you can rely on with the Human Exoskeleton Technology.

If one considers arthropods (arthropods), one recognizes instead of an inner skeleton (endoskeleton) a stabilizing hard shell exoskeleton (exoskeleton). This provides protection for the vital area of ​​these creatures – for many millions of years. These exoskeletons teach us much about modern body protection. The bodies of these creatures are almost completely surrounded by a hard shell shell; yet they are highly mobile due to segmented components in the joint areas of the exoskeleton.

Nature has optimized shapes, construction, joints, integrations and joint areas between them in the course of evolution to ensure the greatest possible mobility and flexibility while maintaining the necessary structures, protection and functions.

MK Technology has invented the “Human Exoskeleton Concept” to provide body protection systems whose optimized design ensures a significant improvement in wearer comfort and protectability.

The platform designs developed by MK Technology are equipped with protection packages. These consist of ergonomically shaped, segmented protective components, which are connected with innovative brace technologies. These allow the protection package to naturally follow any movement of the body and provide superior protection and comfort.

The right shapes, relationships, configurations, and integrations of different segments play the crucial role in the question of how effectively the human body can defy external forces.

MK Technology develops solutions for customers and with the customers so each solution is personalized at the highest level in order to create a product that best suits the individual wearer.

With the production located in Lüdenscheid, North Rhine-Westphalia, MK Technology manufactures all articles “Made in Germany”. MK Technology meets and exceeds the requirements of the “TR BODY PROTECTION”, the “VPAM KDWI 2004”, the “TR Ballistic Protective Vests” and many other international specifications and standards.

MK Technology do not just understands themselves as manufacturer and suppliers. Their employees and developers are your partner for the constant optimization and further development, as well as for technical questions competently to the side.

In close cooperation with the authorities and higher-level institutions, we promote the further development of the highest safety standards.

Horus Vision and MK Technology hope to implement together the best solutions to protect Romanian forces no matter where they have to act.

MK Technology personalized solutions are now available in Romania and Republic of Moldova through Horus Vision as unique representative

MK Technology and Horus Vision solutions

We understand our role as a system solutions provider: We deliver a complete tailor-made solution that more than meets the requirements and comfort of carrying.

A perfect body protection is always more than just the sum of the details. The interplay of the textiles, the special fabric properties, the design and the included protective packages make for a perfect end product. But also the cut and the position of the incorporated components have to be considered exactly – for us a daily challenge, which we like to fulfill. The production takes place by means of hi-tech production facilities and craftsmanship in manufacturer quality – this ensures the high quality of all our products.

The MK Technology team always focuses on the continuous improvement of all processes, always pursuing product research and thus always secures itself and its customers an edge that saves lives. We are proud to say that today we can incorporate tomorrow’s requirements into every production line.

We are aware of the dangers that the wearers of our protection concepts face every day. These can change dramatically even within a mission or mission. This does not only apply to military missions – even a classic police operation can quickly create an escalating scenario. We know this and are proud to say that the users of our protection concepts are always prepared.

Lower Body Protection

Designed to protect the leg from attacks by criminals during interventions, the body-formed protectors are made from 2 mm hardened special aluminium allow. The braced knee area uses rivet connections (rivet bolts and 90° limit) between the thigh and shinbone protector to protect the knee and the leg against hard hits.

Upper Body Protection

Designed to protect the elbow and forearm from attacks by criminals during interventions, the body-formed protectors are made from 2 mm hardened special aluminium allow. The braced elbow area by rivet connections (rivet bolts and 90° limit) between upper and forearm protector so the special forces team are protected against limb injuries.

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