G2X™ Pro Dual-Output LED

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G2X™ Pro Dual-Output LED

SureFire’s G2X™ LED illumination tools share many features, such as virtually indestructible high-efficiency LED emitters, 320 lumens of maximum output, precision reflectors, and sleek Nitrolon® polymer bodies. Their differences let you select the ideal light for your needs. Choose single- or dual-output. Both of these illumination tools are ideal for outdoor use, emergency preparedness, everyday carry, or use by EMTs and other first responders.

The G2X Tactical provides a single output level—a brilliant, penetrating 320-lumens beam. It features a lightweight, high-strength Nitrolon® polymer body that’s comfortable to hold in cold weather. The G2X Tactical comes with a press/click tail-cap switch.

The G2X Pro is a dual-output version that features the same lightweight, ergonomically shaped body. It boasts an identical 320 lumens of max output, but it also features a useful low-output mode that lets you extend the run-time per set of batteries. The G2X Pro comes with a press/click tail-cap switch.


  • Virtually indestructible LED emitter regulated to maximize output and run-time;
  • Brilliant tactical-level max output and, on G2X Pro, useful extended run-time low output;
  • Precision reflector creates smooth, optimized beam with plenty of reach and surround light;
  • High-impact polymer body for corrosion resistance and durability;
  • Tough, lightweight Nitrolon® polymer body;
  • Backed by SureFire’s No-Hassle Promise.


The 6PX Pro’s high-efficiency LED—virtually immune to failure since there’s no filament to burn out or break—provides two light output levels: a brilliant, penetrating, perfectly pre-focused 600-lumen beam, and a 15-lumen low-output setting that lets you greatly extend the run-time per set of batteries, an invaluable option when you find yourself miles from civilization.