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In your line of work, protection is everything. You live to keep people safe and secure. For your own safety, you need the right protective clothing and equipment. Seyntex provides maximum protection wherever / whenever you need it. By capitalizing on their technical fabrics, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and extensive practical experience.

Seyntex Romania Representative Horus Vision

From military clothing and equipment to protective and high-vis clothing for police officers. From high-quality firefighting clothing to a broad range of high-tech waterproof and protective professional work-wear. From hunting and outdoor clothing to laminated textiles. Seyntex textiles provide full protection in many different fields.

Seyntex have been making protective clothing for more than a century. During the Second World War our flax-weaving factory in Belgium specialized in manufacturing canvas for the British Army. In the 1990’s we became a forerunner in high-tech fabrics. Today Seyntex is recognized around the globe as an expert and innovator in protective and outdoor clothing.

Working out of the head office in Tielt, Belgium Seyntex supplies more than 1.5 million pieces of protective clothing and other fabrics to customers in more than 20 countries around the world. Seyntex international scope and unwavering commitment to sustainability policies mean that they value local production. Seyntex manufacturing plants in Eastern Europe and the Far East comply with the strictest rules to ensure the safety of their people, protect the environment and satisfy their customers.

Now the high quality products are available to purchase in Romania through Horus Vision, the official partner of Seyntex.

CBRN Protection Suit

Seyntex CBRN Protection Suit

Permeable or impermeable, all CBRN textiles are based on activated charcoal and membrane technology


Tents Seyntex

Our tent range includes low and high-pressure tents as well as frame structure tents for storage and living space

Complete range of sleeping systems

complete range of sleeping systems

Complete range of sleeping systems that includes camp beds, personal tents, sheet shelters, carry all bags for storage…