Horus Vision Romania Mission

Horus Vision Romania is sole representative to Romania for top companies around the world. Our mission is to provide the Romanian market with the best technologies available for the emergency services, law enforcement and armed forces.

In case of a natural disaster or a terrorist attack the services and the products Horus Vision and our partners can provide will prove invaluable and will limit the loss of lives and property. The partnership our company has with all the companies present on our website stands as a testimony of our commitment to provide the best possible solutions.

Our team has professional from the emergency services, law enforcement and armed forces that provide the necessary experience to provide the end-user with the right equipment to protect his/hers life and the ones that they protect, the Romanian citizen.

Futuristic Approach

Our mission is to bring to Romania the latest technologies that can protect and save lives. And we help create new technologies also.

Flagship Performance

The world leaders in the national security, protection equipment, non-lethal technology and first aid technology are now here.

Stunning Products

From a haemostatic dressing that can stop a trauma patient from dying to a human exoskeleton concept to protect special forces.

Clear sound

LRAD ONE VOICE® Mass Notification System can and will protect civilian life during natural catastrophes, terrorist attacks or war due to their Clear Voice Technology.


Revolutionary LRAD ONE VOICE systems are advanced mass notification solutions that broadcast warning sirens and exceptionally intelligible voice messages to protect and save lives. LRAD ONE VOICE systems ensure emergency warnings and general announcements are clearly heard and understood throughout coverage areas.

LRAD life safety systems warn and communicate critical information to populations not receiving automated phone calls and other emergency notification measures by broadcasting attention-commanding warning sirens and extraordinarily clear voice messages over wind, traffic and background noise up to 12 sq. kilometers from a single installation.

LRAD systems are self-contained or easily integrated with existing communications infrastructure. From portable devices to larger systems temporarily or permanently mounted on poles, buildings, trailers, vehicles or helicopters, LRAD systems are highly effective in communicating lifesaving information locally and over large areas before, during, and in the aftermath of disasters and emergency situations.

Mass notification systems


Traditional warning systems sound sirens, but are severely voice-challenged. LRAD Mass Notification systems broadcast warning sirens and highly intelligible messages to communicate to affected populations with ONE VOICE® during emergency situations.

Axiostat - non-absorbable haemostatic dressing


Controlling life-threatening bleeding continues to be the major cause of death from traumatic injuries. Axiostat®, created by Axiobio, was developed to reduce the mortality due to traumatic bleeding. Applications include dental, cardio and emergency services. Now available in Romania.


From military clothing and equipment to protective and high-vis clothing for police officers. From high-quality firefighting clothing to a broad range of high-tech waterproof and protective professional work-wear. From ballistic protection to CMBR tents we can provide the best products.

Point Blank Armour


Protecting the human body while in a conflict is very difficult but there are state of the art products that can do just that, used by the NATO forces worldwide, now available in Romania through Horus Vision

Exoskeleton mk tec


MK Technology invented the “Human Exoskeleton Concept” to provide body protection systems whose optimized design ensures a significant improvement in wearer comfort and protection.

Soldier fuel


A product that provides a burst of fruit-based simple carbs to give an initial energy boost, and then supplies a stream of complex carbs for steady energy. It is a product suited to feed people in case of emergency…



The PSI PRO line of incapacitating sprays is the STATE OF THE ART in non-lethal technology because it meets the current needs of Police Departments worldwide to diminish fatalities in police work while offering operational advantages.

Surefire lighting solutions


Rugged, powerful and compact illumination tools for tactical applications – from weapon-mounted lights to hand-held lights powerful and bright enough to qualify as “force-option” tools that could temporarily blind and disorient a threat.

For any inquiries, details of our product or orders please fell free to contact us at any time. Our team will be always ready to provide the best solutions available to your specific needs.


Horus Vision Romania provides the best solutions and equipment available around the world. In order to do so we have started partnerships with the best companies in their field of expertise.