In March 2018, HORUS VISION, under the High Patronage of the Romania's Chamber of Deputies organized the forum "Intelligent Solutions to Combat Crisis Situations following Terrorist Attacks or Natural Disasters". Since then, our company has held negotiations at the highest levels with most important companies from various sectors regarding an offset / industrial cooperation project for Romania.

HORUS VISION Corp. develops the offset/industrial cooperation project “Mass Notification System – national warning and voice co-ordination system for natural disasters, terrorism acts, civil conflict, for the essential security interest of the country”, a project designed to improve the security of Romania, decreasing the risk of life and material loses during terrorist attacks, new and extreme natural disasters, etc..

THE PROJECT contains an "offset" component and an "industrial cooperation component". As a consequence, all the projects that will be realized as component/obligation of the offset and industrial cooperation will contribute with about 15 billion euros to the GDP of Romania, within a maximum of 10 years from implementation.

This significant increase following the analysis made with the specialists of the Romanian Ministry of Finance, found that Romania's trade balance will increase significantly. THE PROJECT will create between 20.000 to 50.000 work places direcly and indirectly and will, among others, create once again a powerfull weapon and defence industry in Romania.

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To provide to the Romanian market the best technologies available for the emergency services, law enforcement and armed forces while helping to rebuild the Romanian defence industry.


To create a better everyday life for the Romanian people, with safer streets and better prepared and equipped emergency services, police, gendarmery and military personal.



Horus Vision Romania is sole representative to Romania for top companies around the world. Our mission is to provide the Romanian market with the best technologies available for the emergency services, law enforcement and armed forces.

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Futuristic Approach

Our mission is to bring to Romania the latest technologies that can protect and save lives. And we help create new technologies also.

Unique Products

From a haemostatic dressing that can stop a trauma patient from dying to a human exoskeleton concept to protect special forces.

Flagship Performance

The world leaders in the national security, protection equipment, non-lethal technology and first aid technology are now Horus Vision partners.

Clear sound

LRAD ONE VOICE® Mass Notification System can and will protect civilian life during natural catastrophes, terrorist attacks or war due to their Clear Voice Technology.

Connecting the dots

To understand what the Romanian market needs our company has spoke with both decisional persons and field operatives about the needs of the police, emergency services, gendarmery and military and so we were able to connect the dots between need and future developments. Horus Vision Corporation become the Romanian partner for the most innovative and biggest companies in their respective field.




Our products are the most innovative and the most effective products currently on the global market. Horus Vision redefines the way Romanian military, police and gendarmery personnel are equipped.


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Eurosatory exhibition in Paris

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