The world market leader in coated technical textiles and technical apparel, protecting people and their belongings


The Global lider

Sioen Industries is a diversified stock quoted Group with an extensive portfolio of products and activities: spinning, weaving, and coating of technical textiles, manufacturer of professional protective clothing and producer of fine chemicals. Sioen Ballistics part of Sieon Industries, is a reliable partner and provides you with outstanding lightweight modular armour systems which protect the individual against all kinds of threats (handgun, submachine gun, assault rifle, shotgun, knife, ice pick,... ).


In everything Sieon does, the customer is key. The integral design process is driven by the motives: protection, durability, comfort and budgeting. It is Sieon ambition and vision to understand and translate each unique requirement into the correct garment solution. Sieon culture of working is based on intensive team work, a very large cross-company commitment and a focus on refining ideas. This always leads to very specific and personalized garments, complying to law and customer requirements. The company slogan is "Protection through inovation."

All production plants of Sioen whether in Europe, Asia or Africa are equipped with state-of-the art machinery. Sieon continually invest to keep all our factories modern and up-to-date, offering Sieon customers the competitive advantage of the latest technology.

Process engineers are continuously monitoring the production process. The in-house engineering, design, test and development capabilities at Sioen are enhanced by strategic collaboration with forward-thinking organisations, universities, institutes and governmental organisations that allows Sieon to access the very latest research resources and expertise. Technicity is Sieon credo. Sieon challenged by high technical requirements and pride itself on always finding the right product/solution for their customers. Sieon can manufacture products in many ways, in small and large batches, standard or tailor-made, on many machines, 24/7. Sieon is always at our customers’ service.


Know-how is one of Sioen’s great strengths. With over 55 years in the technical textiles business, Sioen has more accumulated know-how of textile coating technology and coated textile applications than any other company in the world. No other single company has five different textile coating techniques. No other company has as much experience and knowledge of standards and rules. No other company has experience of as many markets.

Sioen’s unique selling proposition is its unrivalled expertise in the use of a variety coating technologies in a variety of mainly protective applications. This determines Sioen’s marketing strategy. ‘Protection through Innovation’ is our corporate slogan and is reflected in all our marketing and communication efforts.

Sioen Ballistics always provides durable, conformant and cost-effective solutions for dangerous working conditions (including workwear, body wear, thermal wear, body armours and slash protection). Sioen’s major advantage is our cross sectorial 360° knowledge of the market needs. Whether working on land, on, in or above water, in public or private services, in low or extremely high risk situations, Sioen always manufactures the appropriate garment.

Sioen always been manufacturing garments in its own dedicated production plants all over the world. Sioen has evolved into an industry leader both in the branded and private label segments of the protective garment business. With more than 10 production plants based in Tunisia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Finland and Romania and more than 4.500 people working for the group, it is fair to say that Sioen has all the capabilities in house to fulfil your needs. Be it general protective garments, workwear, life jackets, floatation suits, dry suits, fire fighters clothing, chainsaw protection garments or body armours, Sioen is committed to creating and producing quality garments while being socially and ethically responsible. We are currently producing over 30 million units per year in eight countries throughout the world with our factories being operated by our highly skilled Operations and Quality Control teams.